Wifi Joiner

"Hey man, What’s the name of the network here?"

"Ammm, its ‘name that you will never be able to guess’".

"Oh, Weird. OK. What’s the password?"

"Its, g6%kh&23.. Wait, let me enter it. It’s very complicated."

Just then another friend asks… “Hey what’s the password for the WIFI network here?”

There is an easy solution for all this mess! Enter -> Wifi Joiner. An Android app that can add networks to phones by just scanning a QR code. Just hang in a QR code generated by WifiJoiner anywhere at your home. Whenever anybody scans that QR code on their phone, the network you configured in the QR code will automatically be added to their device. It’s that simple.

Generating QR codes is very easy.

  1. Open WifiJoiner. Press menu button and select create.
  2. Just select an already configured network on your device in the app WifiJoiner
  3. Enter the password
  4. Tap “Generate QR code”
  5. Done. You can now share this QR code via the convenient share button or even email it to yourself to take a print out of it and hang it on a wall at your home.

Joining a network at friend’s house.

  1. Scan the QR code they have in WifiJoiner
  2. Tap Connect. 
  3. Done. No network selection. No password.

The app is available on the market here -> https://market.android.com/details?id=com.proj.wifijoiner

I developed this app over the weekend. So it might be a bit buggy. I have tried to fix as many bugs as I could. I dont have all the Android devices(300 of them!!) and also dont have all the versions installed. So the performance and usability might be a bit different across devices. Please bear with me for that. You can log any issue or feature request you might have at WifiJoiner - Issues page. 

Pour in any reviews and feature requests that you might have!

Happy “WifiJoining”!